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I had an amazing birth experience and would love to share it with you all.

Natalie and Ryan

Our little guy Ari James is going so great with sleeping and feeding and we are absolutely smitten with him.  I was induced 13 days early due to a pregnancy complication called Hellp Syndrome.  I can’t thank you enough Karen for the tools I learned in Calmbirth.  They were vital in my labour and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

Ari is 13 weeks today so I thought it was about time I messaged and thank you for providing the beautiful Calmbirth course which we attended.

I had always been interested in courses of this nature and was recommended to you by Deyna from My Midwives. My husband, as they do, took more convincing but now that we have had Ari tells everyone they would be silly not to do your course.

The things we learnt during our two Sundays together are the things that we used in labour to produce a calm experience and I can say that without a shadow of a doubt it would not have been the same beautiful experience if we did not attend the course.

I remember you saying that it is the difficult labours which Calmbirth can really prepare you for and Ari’s labour turned out to be quite a complicated one!  I had been feeling unwell for a few days and had been using my Calmbirth tapes in the bath to relax. They worked so well on the preparation for labour and I listened to them almost every day. A few days later I went to hospital at 38 + 1 day still not feeling great but didn’t think it could be too serious so I even told my husband to go to work whilst I waited on blood results at he hospital (it was suspected that I had a UTI.)  Well it turned out I had preeclampsia and they needed to deliver the baby immediately. Hearing this news I must admit I did get emotional and had a little one minute cry… But then I honestly remembered my Calmbirth training and pulled myself together to prepare for the task at hand… Safely but as quickly as possible delivering baby Ari. After the doctors did an internal they found me to be 3cm dilated and cervix soft so allowed me to have a natural birth but induced me to hurry up the process. I rang Ryan to tell him to come back to the hospital immediately and as soon as he arrived they broke my waters. In some people’s eyes they see my labour as traumatic… I had a catheter to monitor my urine output (to make sure my kidneys didn’t fail), regular vitals and blood checks and magnesium and induction fluid pumping through each arm… But even with all of this going on I still found it a truly beautiful experience.  I didn’t get to use my birth plan which involved the shower and water birth but Calmbirth trained me to stay relaxed in all situations and use what tools I did have so that’s what I did! I had a teddy Ryan had gifted me, a rattle of Ari’s, my playlist and a copy of his scan.  I also followed the Calmbirth birthing techniques. Ryan also utilised the tools he had learnt in class and he was my absolute rock. He really took on board everything you taught us to get the oxytocin flowing to speed up the labour. Ari was born 4 and half hours later at 8.1 pounds, very healthy and happy. I took a bit more recovery with blood transfusions among other things but two weeks later you would never have known how sick I was.

Thank you Karen and thank you Calmbirth for giving Ryan and I such a stunning labour of little Ari. He is such a content and peaceful boy. We are so thrilled we took part in your course and had a Calmbirth despite the obstacles in our path. Xx


You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s ideal for all pregnant women.

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