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I had an amazing birth experience and would love to share it with you all.

Mikaela and James

James and I had a baby girl on the 21st. It was a 6 hour labour.  I ended up birthing her at home in the water at 9:46am. She was 8lb 7oz and 55cm long. The birth was amazing! She is feeding really well and has already gained back her birth weight. Sleeps like a dream baby too. Thanks for everything!

At 39 weeks I woke up every morning wondering if my baby would come that day. I told my baby that whatever moment she chose was the perfect time and we were very excited to meet her on the outside.

At 40 weeks and 3 days my mucus plug began to come away in the evening so James and I decided to go to bed nice and early.

At about 1am I woke up with what felt like period pains that came and went every now and then. This had been happening every night for the past week however so I thought nothing of it. About half an hour later my waters began to leak so I put on a pad, let James know and hopped back into bed.

By 2am I was too uncomfortable to stay in bed so James ran me a bath, brought my fitball into the bathroom and called my mother. In the next 40 minutes my contractions went from being 10 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart! In this time my mother called Sylvia my midwife and she came right away. She said she had just had a dream that my labour was so quick that the second midwife didn’t get there in time!

By 3am things began to get quite intense so I closed my eyes and went within. I focussed on my breath, breathing in deeply and making low groans on each exhale. I rolled around on my ball, got James to massage me and hopped in and out of the bath. In this time my dad organised the birth pool and my brother and his wife organised my birth space with candles, burning clary sage and other nice things.

The next thing I knew we were walking down to the studio that I would give birth in (which was about 200 metres from where I was). It was a beautiful cool night.  I could feel the cold dew on the grass as I walked bare foot. The contractions were very strong with the gravity of walking.  With each one James would hold me from behind and I would push him towards the earth.

Eventually I got into the big tub and things settled down a little. When they started up again they were very strong.  I held onto James and focussed on breathing my baby down. When my noises became a little high pitched I brought them down nice and low.  It took all my focus to keep my body relaxed and my breath steady.

Time slipped away and light began to fill the room. The contractions changed and became easier to cope with and I thought I must be phasing into the pushing stage. It was a relief to know that my baby would be coming soon. Then I started to hear rain falling on the tin roof. I could hear one of the midwives saying it was a beautiful sun shower and there was a big rainbow filling the sky.

Suddenly my body began to bear down in the middle of my contractions and I focussed on keeping everything relaxed.  I visualised my rose blossoming and breathed deeply. I could feel my baby coming down into my vagina and then popping back. In and out, in and out. I told my baby she was doing a wonderful job, to take it slow and take her time.

Then her head came out and I could feel her moving around getting ready to get her shoulders out. On the next contraction Sylvia helped her shoulders out and the rest quickly followed in one big surge.

Sylvia passed her between my legs (as I was in a kind of half squat in the pool) and I picked her up out of the water. I felt like this was the first time I had opened my eyes since 3am. Our little girl Amellia Myra was born on the 21st of August at 9:46am after a 6 hour labour. She was 3.830 kg and 55cm long.  I hopped out of the bath and sat down on a birthing stool and plop out came my placenta straight away.

I felt so proud of my baby and myself. I had a wonderful home birthing experience with not a single intervention (not even a dilation check). I was left to give birth on my time, the way I wanted to and I am extremely grateful for that. Amellia is a beautiful little chilled baby who is breast feeding like a champion and at two weeks old only wakes up twice in the night.

I am very blessed to have such a wonderful relaxed daughter but I don’t believe it is just luck.  I know every little preparation made the difference. Reading Ina May’s books, doing the Calmbirth workshop, meditation, swimming, hypnotherapy, yoga and a healthy diet made all the difference. I hope this story can inspire some of the other ladies to take their pregnancy and birth into their own hands because it is a truly empowering experience.


You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s ideal for all pregnant women.

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