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I had an amazing birth experience and would love to share it with you all.

Megan and Leroy

I have been home for week after giving birth to our little  girl Tarala Violet on due date Monday the 12th October. My husband Leroy and I had an amazing birth experience and would love to share it with you all.

Two days leading up to the birth I was experiencing some abdominal and lower back pain which I ignored as I had such an easy pregnancy and worked on my feet waitressing till 39 weeks and thought the pain was just my body preparing for birth.

After attending a bbq with friends on the Sunday afternoon the pain was more consistent and my friends insisted I go home and have a bath as they knew that bubba was on the way. After having a 2 hour bath and no appetite for dinner the pain became strong and regular so I called the Buderium Private Hospital maternity ward where the midwife informed me that the pain was contractions.  As they were only 10 mins apart I stayed home till after midnight until they were 5 mins apart and 1 minute long. The midwife then informed me that I should come to hospital. Once arriving at hospital the midwife was glad I came in when I did as my pain threshold is pretty high, I had dilated 3cm and waters had broken without knowing it.

Once at hospital and in my room I hopped into the shower for a few hours with the yoga ball. By 6am I had dilated to 6cm and was feeling calm and controlled as I breathed my way through every contraction. At 8am I was moved to the birthing suite and I jumped into the bath. In about an hour I began to push and after 7 speedy contractions I birthed bubba’s head and 2 contractions later at 10:20am bubba’s body, which I caught with my own hands and placed straight on my chest.

Even though we didn’t know what the sex was I could tell she was my beautiful baby girl by just looking at her. She latched on to my breast straight away for 1hr as I was removed form the bath which was awkward as my umbilical cord was short and then I climbed onto the bed to birth my quite small placenta taking 1 contraction – about 20mins. The midwives gave us the option to view and examine the placenta which was very interesting.

Once returning to our room by midday, I was feeling extremely well and not too exhausted considering. The adrenaline from the birth did not wear off for a couple of days and the love we have for our beautiful girl is so immense.

My natural water birth with no drugs (not even a panadol) was such an amazing experience. I could have not achieved this without the love and support of my husband Leroy with his kind words of encouragement and nurturing hands. The breathing and stretching techniques that I learnt from attending Fit for Birth classes definitely helped with making my birth a more enjoyable experience.  The love we have for our beautiful girl is so immense.


You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s ideal for all pregnant women.