Having a baby isn't a medical procedure. It's an important, life-changing event for you and your family. Fit for Birth brings the heart back to birth.

Karen will provide you with exercise, relaxation, friends, support, information and education to help you enjoy a healthy pregnancy, to prepare for a positive birth, and to mother your baby with confidence.

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Birth Classes

The best gift you can give yourself, your partner & your baby

Why do you need a birth class anyway?

Having a baby is a life-changing event.

The way you feel and how you’re cared for during birth will be with you forever.  If you want a natural, healthy birth for your baby; if you’re counting on your partner knowing what to do; if you want to feel positive about your baby’s birth whatever comes your way, you need to prepare.  A birth class with Fit for Birth will tell you what the hospital classes don’t.  It will give you and your partner time away from your busy lives to learn how to work as a team and learn all the skills and knowledge you need.  It’s never a waste of time and always a fantastic investment in your relationship and your birth.

To prepare for birth, choose from Calmbirth or Birth Secrets

To prepare for life with your newborn, add Newborn Secrets for Couples.

Birth Secrets for Couples

The 10 best kept secrets about birth that you both need to know

In this fun 4 hour session you’ll learn things that no-one else tells you.

  • That your body is designed perfectly to birth your baby.  I’ll show you how using my friend the knitted uterus and Paddy the pelvis, plus my baby doll Ted.
  • That your partner already knows everything he needs to know to help you stay comfortable during labour, but he just doesn’t know that he already knows it, so I’ll remind him and you can have a practice together.
  • That you’ll go to a very special place in labour (not just the hospital) where you’re “Princess for a day”, and in that place you could feel euphoric, ecstatic and joyful – does that sound good?
  • That partners are just as important in the birth process as you and the baby, and I’ll bring them onto the same page as you so you can both talk about and feel excited about the birth – what a relief!
  • That you have the right to ask questions during labour and say yes or no depending on what’s right for YOU while working with the hospital’s routines.  I’ll teach you how to do it simply and politely.
  • Plus more yummy secrets.  I’ll tell you when you get here …….

Newborn Secrets for Couples

The class you think you DON’T need

Most couples focus completely on the birth and then have no idea what to do once the baby’s in their arms.  Most couples struggle in the first few months of their baby’s life because they didn’t learn about breastfeeding, sleeping, crying, settling, and looking after themselves on limited sleep and maximum stress.  This wonderful class for couples reveals the secrets to help you cope and even enjoy this amazing newborn time.  Meet other parents-to-be and enjoy delicious snacks.



4 hour class 1-5pm Saturday

12 Jan | 9 Feb | 30 Mar | 27 April | 15 June

Cost $150 for the mother and partner comes for free.

Bookings close 7 days before course starts.

Call Karen on 0424 226 490 or email karen@fitforbirth.com.au to book your place.


4 ½  hour class 1-5.30pm Sunday

17 Feb | 7 April | 23 June

Cost $150 for the mother and partner comes for free.

Call Karen on 0424 226 490 or email karen@fitforbirth.com.au to book your place.


If you’d prefer to enjoy a 4 hour Birth Secrets or Newborn Secrets session in your own home or as a couple in my home let’s find a day and time that suits you.  You can ask all the questions you want, debrief from previous birth (hugely valuable!) and stay in your pj’s if you want!  Cost is $250, includes handouts, a free pregnancy yoga class and follow up with me when you need it.

Call Karen on 0424 226 490 or email karen@fitforbirth.com.au to choose a date that suits you.


Cancellation before one week prior to session one will receive a refund less $50 for administrative fees.

Cancellation within one week prior to session one will receive no refund, as places cannot be refilled at this late stage.

A rare and precious gift

A Birth Class is special time spent with your partner exploring the way you relate to each other, how you feel about having a baby and how you’ll approach the upcoming birth & parenting your child.  This is a precious gift so rare in most couples’ lives. Fit for Birth birth classes bring couples together in a unique a special way.