These resources will help you feel better, gain confidence and locate whatever help you need

Abdominal muscle separation
Postnatal care, how to identify and diagnose.

Lower back and pelvic pain
Sciatica, pubic joint pain, sacroiliac joint pain: how to recognise, treatment, exercise, self care, yoga poses and exercises plus cautions.

Community Resource List
A list of care providers and services for pregnancy, birth, parenting, living… mainly covering the Noosa area of the Sunshine Coast and surrounds (as this is where I use services and most of my clients live and work)

Hormones during labour
The amazing “cocktail of birth hormones”. ┬áSourced from

Optimal fetal positioning
Guide your baby into an optimal position for birth and avoid a posterior labour

Pelvic floor, core muscles and perineal massage
Learn how to locate, activate, tone and relax the pelvic floor and core muscles, and how to prepare for birth with perineal massage.

Recommended reading
Books, websites etc to help you prepare for positive birth and parenting

Visualise your baby’s position
Use the powerful resource of imagery to create your reality – a well positioned baby for a straight-forward labour