So much more than just a pregnancy exercise class

What to expect at pregnancy yoga class 

We start by talking about the issues affecting the womens’ pregnancies, such as:

  • estimated due dates
  • position of the baby
  • communicating with doctors and midwives
  • induction and choices for birth with breech and posterior babies
  • exercises and tips for easing pregnancy discomforts
  • how to deal with partners, friends, family and “horror stories”

We warm up the body with gentle stretches to ease tight muscles and areas of discomfort.

We practice breathing techniques to help each woman connect with what’s happening inside her body, to connect with her beautiful baby, and learn how to use the breath during labour and birth, whether it’s natural or by caesarean.  Strengthening poses help to prepare the body for active birth and help women feel strong after the baby’s born.  Pilates exercises focus on core and pelvic floor tone as well as healthy posture and body alignment.

Many yoga poses mimic the positions women adopt during labour and birth, such as lunges, squats, forward leaning positions and child pose, so we imagine we’re in labour by holding poses while we breathe slowly and deeply, or rocking the pelvis while exhaling with a low sigh.

This is great practice for labour, and it fires the imagination for women who don’t want to lie on the bed to give birth.

And of course the best part of every class is blissful relaxation, entered through guided relaxation and visualisation. Women leave class feeling light and energised, and sleep very well.  On Tuesdays we curl up with candles and low light.  On Saturdays we gaze out at the trees and the lake, and the women are invited to stay after class for a herbal cuppa and snack and chat about all things to do with birthing.


Pregnancy Yoga Classes


Tuesdays 6-7.30pm & Saturdays 10-11.30am at Karen’s Noosaville lakeside home studio. Address provided when you book for your first class.

Karen is a specialist pregnancy yoga and pilates instructor as well as a birth educator and massage therapist.  She’ll modify your class to suit your stage of pregnancy, level of fitness and to manage any pregnancy discomforts.  Karen focuses on the individual needs of every woman who attends class, providing a caring and personalised service for each and every woman.


  • $25 casual or $120 for 6 class pass (valid for 3 months)

Pay by cash or bank transfer

Suitable from about 13 weeks of pregnancy right through until birth.  You can even start at 39 weeks!

You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s ideal for all pregnant women.

Come once or twice a week or whenever you can make it.  You do not have to book in for a course.

All equipment is supplied.

  • Wear comfy, stretchy clothing
  • For your comfort, don’t eat a large meal within an hour and a half of class starting
  • Bring water to drink