So much more than just a pregnancy exercise class

Join other pregnant mums in our tranquil Noosaville lakeside studio for stretching, toning, releasing tight muscles, breathing for calm during pregnancy and birth, and lots of learning about your body, about birth, about becoming a mother.

Tuesday evenings 6.30-8pm and Saturdays 10-11.30am followed by complimentary  morning tea & chat


Your instructor Karen Shlegeris has 20 years of experience with women preparing for birth, so you’re in excellent hands

Karen’s experience means that whatever’s happening with you during your pregnancy, she can find a practice to suit you perfectly.  If your back is sore she’ll show you how to stretch and strengthen it.  If you’re anxious Karen will teach you breathing techniques for calming which you’ll feel immediately.  If you need to meet some other pregnant women to share your journey with, there are plenty of opportunities to chat with the other mums and share your stories.  If you’re not connecting with your baby, this special time will open up your heart.  If you’re afraid of birth, all of the information peppered throughout class will give you all the confidence and knowledge that you need.  

Many yoga poses mimic the positions women adopt during labour and birth, such as lunges, squats, forward leaning positions and child pose, so we imagine we’re in labour by holding poses while we breathe slowly and deeply, or rocking the pelvis while exhaling with a low sigh.

This is great practice for labour, and it fires the imagination for women who don’t want to lie on the bed to give birth.

And of course the best part of every class is blissful relaxation, entered through guided relaxation and visualisation. Women leave class feeling light and energised, and sleep very well.  On Tuesdays we curl up with candles and low light.  On Saturdays we gaze out at the trees and the lake, and the women are invited to stay after class for a herbal cuppa and snack and chat about all things to do with birthing.


Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Tuesdays 6-7.30pm & Saturdays 10-11.30am at Karen’s Noosaville lakeside home studio at            175 Lake Weyba Drive Noosaville.  From the Weyba Rd roundabout drive for about 2km until you see the brown timber fence and white flag.  Plenty of free shady parking.  

Karen is a specialist pregnancy yoga and pilates instructor as well as a birth educator and massage therapist.  She’ll modify your class to suit your stage of pregnancy, level of fitness and to manage any pregnancy discomforts.  Karen focuses on the individual needs of every woman who attends class, providing a caring and personalised service for each and every woman.


  • $25 casual or $120 for 6 class pass (valid for 3 months)

Pay by cash or bank transfer to KR Shlegeris BSB 313 140 Account no. 1209 9451.  

State your name on the deposit.

Suitable from about 13 weeks of pregnancy right through until birth.  You can even start at 39 weeks!

You don’t have to be super-fit or flexible to practice yoga – it’s ideal for all pregnant women.

Come once or twice a week or whenever you can make it.  You do not have to book in for a course.

All equipment is supplied.

  • Wear comfy, stretchy clothing
  • For your comfort, don’t eat a large meal within an hour and a half of class starting
  • Bring water to drink