Nichaela x 2

Koa’s birth

Welcome to the world our sweet baby boy.  We are in love.

Our gorgeous Koa James arrived Easter Monday 25 minutes before his due date.   I had a beautiful birth again and we are madly in love and sleep deprived.

My first contraction was around 6 o’clock and then as I made Nixon’s dinner had a couple more and felt they had a little more intensity than the Braxton Hicks I had been experiencing. Trev arrived home and I thought a shower would help determine if they were the real thing. They got more intense in the shower. By this time I started getting some things together as I felt it was the real thing.

I continued to sway through the contractions; at this point they were about 7-8 minutes apart and lasting about 50 seconds. I called my midwife and she said try to lie down and get some rest. There was no way I could lie down. I worked through the surges and called my midwife and said they were now only a few minutes apart and I wouldn’t feel comfortable driving to Buderim if the surges were any more intense. She said I knew my body and knew when it was time. By this time it was about 9pm and they were coming hard and fast.

The drive to Buderim was really uncomfortable. The labour definitely slowed down and I only had a few contractions while in the car and my biggest fear was getting to the hospital and told I was only 1cm.

Once at the hospital I had 3 contractions the minute I stood out of the car. The joys of gravity.

I was told to go straight to birth suite. My water broke the minute I stepped into the birth suite. They asked if I wanted to be examined and I said no. I definitely knew I was in labor.

I worked through the surges in the shower and had some pretty intense moments due to him being sunny side up and the feeling in my back was very intense.

Then all of a sudden it all just stopped! I had about 5-10 minutes of no contractions and I was thinking oh no the labor has stopped. I was asking my midwife what has happened and she just kept saying be patient. And then all of a sudden I felt him turn and it felt amazing to have the intensity out of my back and then it was time to push. My midwife later told me they call that the calm before the storm.

She asked if I wanted to have the baby in the shower or get up on the bed. I felt being over the top of the bed would be better.  I was a bit over the shower at this stage. Then we literally ran to the bed and she was holding Koa’s head. And then the most amazing thing happened: I didn’t push, I just got up on the bed and my uterus literally pushed him out. There was no bearing, down my uterus literally did it all.

The cord was very short so I couldn’t put him up on my chest straight away but I held him against my belly.

He was born at 11.36pm so from the beginning to end it was about 5 and half hours.  I was pretty happy with that.

It was the most amazing birth and I can’t thank you enough for the information and love for birth that you give during your classes.


Nixon’s birth

Just wanted to say hi and tell you my birth story because yoga helped me so much!

I was 10 days overdue and had been having reduced fetal movements so my obstetrician thought induction was the best option. I was very hesitant because I wanted nature to take its course but I also wanted a healthy baby so that was my main priority.

We started with the gel, so I had one dose of gel and within 2 hours was having slight contractions that were very manageable. The doctor came back 4 hours after to check me and I was already 4cm. I was happy with this, and still handling it very easily, reading magazines between contractions and sitting on a fit ball.

He then broke my waters and it was on.  Within 10 minutes I went from manageable to unmanageable. I had to get my frame of mind around it and was on the ground on all fours and trying to manage it that way but knew at this stage I needed water.

We went to the birth suite within the next half an hour and I got in the shower on a fit ball, with one faucet on my front and the other on my back. This was heaven! I stayed there quite a while and then decided to try the bath. It is amazing what works and what doesn’t because in the bath I was feeling out of control and couldn’t compose myself. I stayed there about 30 minutes but knew it wasn’t for me. I asked for the gas at this stage and that helped with my breathing.

Once out of the water I felt much more in control and was on mats on the floor but they were quiet bulky and didn’t feel right either. I had my relaxation music on by now and the lights very dark. I was checked then and I was 6 cm. I moved back to the shower and found this was the place that I needed to be.  At this time my midwife showed up and she is what got me through. My husband was amazing and so supportive, but she just knew from my body language what stage I was at. My husband would breathe next to my ear and that would remind me to take deep breaths. My midwife Bridget would hold the shower for me while I held the gas. I stayed there about 2 hours and then when I hit transition I needed to be on the ground and she knew straight away and did an amazing thing where she wrapped a sarong around my belly and held it tight which really helped me when I knew I wanted to push.

Bridget knew I was looking for my birth place at this stage and had me kneeling, leaning up over the head of the bed. I pushed for about 30 minutes which was pretty intense.  They aren’t joking about he ring of fire, are they! And then our beautiful baby boy was born. I was still over the head of the bed so my husband actually caught him from behind which was really amazing for him.

I had such an amazing birth and got just what I ordered. I put out to the universe 6 hours and I had him in about 5 if you count from when I was in active labour until his birth. I can’t describe the difference having a midwife had.  It is such an invaluable gift to have someone with you, because there were a number of times I yelled out “I want an epidural” and “I can’t do this” but she knew what to say to get me through those stages, as did my husband; he truly was amazing. I feel yoga and acupuncture were instrumental in me having the birth I had and being well prepared and educated.  I can’t thank you enough for the service you provide to pregnant women, although the affirmation “it’s only muscles stretching” didn’t quite work for me at the end.  The rest of my affirmations like “my body knows exactly what to do” did.

Breastfeeding is going well and I think I am lucky I have a good latcher.  He has a strong suck reflex but it is definitely a learnt skill, isn’t it?  We are having our issues, like he will only feed about 5 minutes before he gets really gassy and starts to cry but we are slowly figuring things out. I just take him off, burp him and try again.