Imagine a calm and joyful beginning to your baby’s life. It is possible. Calmbirth empowers you with knowledge and skills to prepare for a calm, positive, confident birth. The course explains the amazing ability of women to give birth and prepares yourselves to manage whatever comes your way during the birth process.



  • Held over two days in Noosaville, with a small group of 3-4 couples.
  • Suitable for any stage of pregnancy although early attendance from 24-34 weeks is encouraged to allow time for home practice.
  • Suitable for any type of birth including hospital birth, home birth, birth centre, natural birth, induction of labour or planned caesarean section.
  • Ideal whether it’s your first baby or you’ve already birthed one or more babies.
  • Can be used in place of or as well as hospital antenatal classes.


Available to couples who have previously attended a Calmbirth course.  Each baby, each birth is special and unique. Take some special time as a couple to debrief from your previous birth, to review and refine your Calmbirth skills and knowledge, and recommit to bringing your new baby into the world calmly and confidently.  Dates and times to suit your schedule. Contact Karen


MUM: If you’re pregnant you’re either not thinking about the birth because it makes you feel a bit nervous, or you’re reading lots of books and blogs and wondering how you’ll ever know enough.  You’re probably hearing lots of horror birth stories and feeling anxious about the pain everyone tells you about.

PARTNER: Most partners find it hard to connect with what the pregnant woman’s feeling and don’t really want to read books about childbirth. 

BOTH OF YOU: Many mums feel the connection with the baby but partners can often feel out of the loop and don’t really “get it.”  Yet they’re secretly afraid of what they’re supposed to do when she goes into labour and how they’ll manage “seeing her in pain.”

Calmbirth will bring you and your partner closer.  It will bring you both onto the same page. It will increase your love for each other and for your baby.  

If you want any of these things:

  • your partner to focus on you and your baby and talk about the birth,
  • your partner to know what he can do to be the support person you need,
  • to stop worrying about the pain and if you’ll cope, or about tearing or a long labour,
  • to aim for a natural birth and avoid unnecessary drugs or medical procedures
  • to have a better birth than a previous birth
  • to hear someone tell you that birth is a celebration rather than a trauma to be endured

then Calmbirth is the ideal birth education course for you.


It will literally change your mind and your perspective of birth. 

It will give you hope and confidence and trust in your amazing body.  It will help you focus on the important things in life.  It will make all the difference to your birth experience, whether it’s a normal straightforward labour or a more challenging birth.



Is Calmbirth® just about natural birth?

Every birth (and pregnancy, and parenting experience) has its own unique challenges.  Sometimes it flows smoothly and simply.  Other times the unexpected happens, challenges arise and decisions need to be made.  Sometimes medical interventions are unavoidable and a change of plan is necessary.  When parents understand their choices and make the right decisions for themselves they are more likely to feel satisfied with the birth outcome.  Calmbirth® prepares couples for the unexpected and gives them skills to stay calm and level-headed in any situation.  Their dream may be a natural birth, but a healthy mother and baby and a positive birth experience is the goal.  Given the right preparation, couples can create a very special birth experience, even if medical intervention is required.

This mother’s labour began at 33 weeks of pregnancy.  “I began to freak out.  I stopped after a minute and thought if I just relax, that’ll help the baby. The baby came early at 35 weeks, but we were still able to have a birth without fear and without an epidural or the like.  I also believe all the relaxations releasing oxytocin are to thank for our happy, chilled baby.” Caitlin

“The breathing techniques were amazing!!  We both used them, not just in pregnancy, but also during the two ECVs we had to try and turn our breech baby, during the caesarean and in other stressful situations we’ve encountered.”  Sarah

Does the Calmbirth® course take the place of hospital antenatal classes?

The Calmbirth® course is an entirely different program from those run in hospitals and birth centres.  It focusses on how to keep birth as normal as possible, even if medical intervention is required.  It also focusses on the connection between the woman’s mind, her hormones and her body which work together to birth a healthy baby.  Registered Calmbirth® educators have trained and qualified to teach the Calmbirth® model of childbirth preparation.  Couples attending Calmbirth® classes are encouraged to become informed about the content of the classes conducted in the place they are to give birth and decide whether or not to attend the hospital classes.

I am scared of the pain of childbirth. How can Calmbirth® help me?

Calmbirth® education provides scientific evidence about what creates pain in labour and explains it in a simple way.  Mothers learn a new way to approach the many and varied sensations they feel during labour, how to avoid unnecessary pain, and how to surrender to the process rather than tensing up and fighting against it, which creates more pain.  By using the skills taught in the Calmbirth® course and learning new ways of thinking, women are able to enter the experience of giving birth with confidence and trust rather than fear and anxiety.

“Before commencing the workshop, I was easily influenced by other mothers’ negative birth experiences, which would instill self-doubt in my ability to birth my baby naturally and without fear.

“Calmbirth has been instrumental in giving me the direction of the type of birth my husband and I want, and the tools to achieve that goal, which is a calm, positive, natural birth.  One of the concepts of Calmbirth is that the birthing process is a team effort, which consists of you, the mother, the father and, of course, baby. ”  Dhanya

Can Calmbirth® techniques be used if I have a caesarean?

Absolutely. It’s essential that a mother birthing by caesarean section knows how to stay calm in order to keep herself and her baby safe during the birthing process.  Relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques can be used before and during your caesarean section, and afterwards during recovery.  Caesarean birth is still the beautiful birth of your baby which can be a positive experience for you, your baby and your partner, with the right preparation.  The beauty of Calmbirth® is that the classes enhance the bonding with your baby and enable you to focus on a stress free pregnancy, birth and postnatal period regardless of how your baby enters the world.

If I’ve already had a baby, is this course relevant to me?

Calmbirth®  is wonderful in alleviating the fears of a previous traumatic experience, or enhancing the belief that it can be as good if not better than a previous good experience.  Teaching the Calmbirth® course to 2nd, 3rd even 4th time mums and dads can take giving birth to a completely different level.

“The most valuable part of the course for me?  Realising how much my beliefs about childbirth and fear of the pain of labour had influenced my first birth experience.  And learning to let go of the fear.  I’m definitely feeling a lot more positive about this birth.” Sarah


The course runs for 14 hours, held over two days or shorter durations to suit the couples attending.  The days are very relaxing and enjoyable.  Most courses run over two consecutive Sundays from 9.30-5.30, including breaks for morning and afternoon tea and lunch.  This allows plenty of time for discussion and contemplation of the material presented.

“Loved experiencing the benefit of the relaxation sessions. I was so energised afterwards and any niggles and discomfort I had prior to doing the session that day were gone by the time I left.  How awesome is that?” Nicolle

Size of class

About 3-4 couples to create a relaxed, friendly and trusting atmosphere, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Cost of Course

Cost upon application.  Course fee includes:

•   A comprehensive information booklet.

•   The official Calmbirth® USB which form the basis of your practice after the course until the birth of your baby.

•   Valuable handouts and extra information sheets.

•   Access to the Fit for Birth library.

•   Ongoing phone and email support.

•   Access to Fit for Birth’s other classes including Pregnancy Yoga, Pregnancy Relaxation class, Fit Mamas group and Mums & Bubs Postnatal Yoga.

•   Morning and afternoon tea, drinks and snacks during the course.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch to eat by the lake or go to a nearby café or shop for lunch.

Cancellation Policy

Upon application.

“It was a remarkable experience, hard work but well worth it and I’m already ready for more!!   Thank you Karen for everything you did to aid in the preparation of our birth.  The breathing and the visualisation were extremely helpful.  I look forward to seeing you again soon with number 2- lol!”  Aly

Course Details

Over two days you and your partner will enjoy a number of guided relaxations where all you do is sit back comfortably and close your eyes.  You’ll learn that a woman’s  thoughts and emotions about birth influence how well her body works during birth.  You’ll practice breathing, positions and movement for labour, touch and massage.  Your partner will build a toolkit of comfort skills to use during labour.  You’ll realise that your relationship with your partner and your baby are as important during the pregnancy as after your baby’s born.  You’ll learn tools to use for parenting your new baby and know how to give birth to a calm baby.

A rare and precious gift

Calmbirth is two days spent with your partner exploring the way you relate to each other, how you feel about having a baby and how you’ll approach the upcoming birth.  This is a precious gift so rare in most couples’ lives.  Calmbirth® brings couples together in a unique a special way.

The 2 day course teaches you the skills which will support your labour and birth, whether it’s straightforward or not.  Practice then becomes a beautiful part of your pregnancy which you look forward to.  All you have to do is listen to the relaxation CD provided and practice calmbreathing.


“The course has improved my confidence, not only for the upcoming birth, but for my future as a conscious parent.  Thank you Karen.” Jason


“Calmbirth® made me realise I can be even more helpful than I thought during labour!” Gabor


“I came to Calmbirth®with a hope of finding ways to cope with childbirth and left with genuine excitement about having a calm, joyful and natural birth experience.”  Helen


“Since doing the course I have been relaxed and looking forward to going into labour.  There is virtually no anxiety about experiencing ‘pain’.” Nicolle


Karen invites you to join her and a small group of couples in the lovely Noosaville Calmbirth space overlooking Lake Weyba for a relaxed, fun and peaceful couple of days sharing in the Calmbirth® experience.

For course dates, information or registration forms contact Karen Shlegeris m.  0424 226 490 8am to 8pm or e.