Having a baby is a huge life-changing event.  You’re not alone.  We’re here to help you.

We’re here to help you understand:

  • what’s happening within your body and mind
  • what’s normal and what’s not
  • what your options are
  • how to make the decisions which are right for you and your family
  • and that birth is safe

I believe that most of the time, birth can be a normal, natural process.  However it has become highly feared and medicalised, which can cause complications for mothers and babies.  I aim to normalise the birth process with simple explanations and stories from women just like you, so that birth can once again become simple and, dare I say it, enjoyable.

You will feel safe and calm just by walking into our yoga and Calmbirth room, where you will be educated and nurtured and nourished by my positive attitude and individualised care.  Whatever type of birth you’re preparing for, you will love your pregnancy yoga classes as you gain confidence week by week in your ability to relax and nurture yourself and your baby.  And after your baby arrives, I have lots of useful information and activities to support you and connect you to other mums and community services.


I’m Karen.  I’m married to Joe and we have two sons.  After exploring all our options we chose to have homebirths for our two boys, and had two amazing births.  Giving birth to my big, healthy sons without the need for pain relief or interventions awoke in me a passion for all things birthing, so I trained as a Childbirth Educator.  We lived in Townsville, North Qld for 17 years where I taught pregnancy yoga classes, birth education and breastfeeding courses, Calmbirth, postnatal yoga and healing birth groups, as well as supporting births as a doula in both public and private hospitals and at home.   I began my business Fit for Birth there, and upon moving to Noosa in 2011 I continued working with pregnant women and their families.  I work from home and spend lots of time in contact with my clients as well as keeping up to date with the latest research and studying to learn more and more about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

“The way a woman’s body and her hormones work to grow and birth a baby are endlessly fascinating to me.  I love to combine knowledge about this amazing design with the beauty and delight of yoga and pilates, along with the joy of exploring the breath and teaching women how to relax for themselves and their babies.  They hear my message again and again about health and confidence and trust, and learn the power of their minds and the words they use and the things they say.  This comes from my own experience of giving birth and watching birth and listening to stories about birth, and my training in personal development and Calmbirth and Active Birth.  It’s a powerful combination which can bring change and transformation to one woman at a time.” 

Karen says:

The moment you were conceived as a female, your body-mind contained all the instructions it needed to know how to conceive, give birth to and nourish your baby.

Soften, open, relax, let go.

You are a strong birthing woman.

Every time you practice relaxation you produce calming, feel-good hormones.  They flow via your bloodstream through your body, making you feel good.  They also flow through your placenta, through the umbilical cord into your baby, teaching your baby how to be calm and peaceful.  We all want a calm baby!

Always, always come back to your breath.  In, and out.  Soft and gentle.

Choose how you want to respond to every situation rather than reacting without thought.  There’s always a moment before you act where you have a choice – how will I act now?

Just as your body knows how to conceive your baby and grow your baby, it knows how to birth your baby.  It wouldn’t go to all the effort to grow your baby then not know how to get the baby out.

Your pelvis stretches open and the baby’s head moulds to become smaller.  That’s how the baby fits through the birth canal.

Soft shoulders, soft face, soft jaw, soft pelvis.

Send a smile to your baby.  Smiling produces feel-good hormones.


1993   Diploma of Remedial Massage, Naturecare College Sydney
2001   Graduate Diploma of Childbirth Education, ACE Graphics Sydney
2001   Certificate in Labour Support/Doula Training, Lamaze International
2008   Calmbirth Educator Training, Calmbirth Australia
2011   Certificate in Choice Theory, William Glasser Institute
2012   Calmbirth Educator Training, Calmbirth Australia
2012   Certificate in Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Bliss Baby Byron Bay
2012   Yogalates Instructor, Yoga Pilates Training Academy Australia
2013   Perinatal Mental Health for Nurses and Midwives, Aust College of Mental Health Nurses
2014   The Tupler Technique
2015   Birth Doula Certification, Childbirth International
2015   Aromatouch Technique Certificate, doTerra Essential Oils
2016   Becoming Us Facilitator
2017   Spinning Babies Workshop